What's the Difference Between Synthetic Oil and Traditional Oil?

Changing the oil in your vehicle is such a small part of maintenance, yet it’s a very important part. Without regular oil changes, your engine could be damaged and would fail to run. The big question is usually regarding the difference between synthetic and natural motor oil. Stop at Volvo Cars Cincinnati East and let our qualified technicians answer all your questions and see our motor oil collection.

The main difference between synthetic motor oil and conventional motor oil is in its molecular level. Synthetic oil is also a cleaner oil. Because of this, synthetic oil helps your vehicle perform better in extreme temperatures, gives you better gas mileage, keeps your engine cleaner and can add years to the life of your vehicle.

If your vehicle is in need of an oil change, or you have some questions, pay us a visit in Cincinnati. We offer a full line of automotive services, including oil changes.

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