DIY headlight Cleaning Methods

The most common parts on your vehicle to overlook when it’s time for maintenance are the headlights. They are out there on the front lines each time you drive, and the road debris and weather eventually take a toll. If you notice that they don’t shine as brightly as they once did, it’s time to clean and renew them. There are a couple of techniques you can try yourself.

If your vehicle is equipped with plastic lenses, using toothpaste may do the trick. Simply put some on a warm damp cloth and scrub the lenses with it. You can repeat the process if the headlights appear to need it. When completed, use a clean damp cloth to rinse them. You can use this process on glass as well, but it has better results on plastic.

Another technique for glass lenses is to use several sheets of sandpaper. Each sheet should have a different grit size down to very fine. Begin with the coarsest and gently work it around each headlight to remove any blemishes. Continue the process through the finest grit. When you’ve completed sanding, polish with glass cleaner. While this is an effective method for restoring glass, it is also one that requires a great deal of care to avoid scratching the glass.

When you have questions about your vehicle’s headlights or any other aspect of maintenance, don’t hesitate to stop in and speak with us. We’re here at Volvo Cars Cincinnati East to assist you.

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