Notice These Signs to Avoid Tire Blowout

Having a tire blow out on the road can be scary and well as dangerous. Our service technicians at Volvo Cars Cincinnati East want our customers to know the warning signs that a tire may be ready to blow in order to avoid an accident.

Take a walk around your vehicle in daylight hours on a regular basis so you can check the condition of your tires. Notice if any tire has uneven tread caused by too much or too little air pressure, issues with balance and alignment or suspension problems. Is there a crack or bulge in your tire tread or sidewalls. This indicates dangerous tire weakness. Notice if any metal objects such as nails have been driven into the tread.

By noticing these signs before a blowout, you can visit our service department at Volvo Cars Cincinnati East to have a technician do a thorough inspection. Remember to check your tires regularly.

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