When you're buying a station wagon, your passengers' comfort and safety is a key factor. The Volvo V90, a popular luxury wagon, is designed with safety in mind. With its advanced features, your passengers can ride around Cincinnati with confidence.

In the front of the V90, a set of driver and passenger airbags provide valuable cushioning in case of a collision. These airbags are carefully positioned to reduce the impact to your chest, face, and head. The V90 automatically inflates the airbags to correspond with the impact force for maximum safety.

Inside the panels and doors of the V90, special padding helps protect you and your passengers in case of impact. The materials absorb energy, reducing the risk to the occupants.

With its thoughtful safety systems, the V90 helps reduce risk on the road. Check out these features and more by stopping into Volvo Cars Cincinnati East to test-drive the V90.



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