Everything is Tailored to your Needs with the Volvo S90

What defines a luxury sedan? Here at Volvo Cars Cincinnati East, we believe the best in luxury vehicles should meet the needs of the individual and surpass their expectations for what can be available in a car.

The Volvo S90 is our version of what luxury can be when the driver and their passengers are placed at the heart of the design process. One of the best examples of how to enjoy a Volvo S90 is the available sound system from Bowers & Wilkins that has three different sound settings to make sure your listening experience is perfect at all times.

Staying connected is one of the keys to enjoying any journey in a Volvo S90, with the vehicle built to keep you connected at all times. Both the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available to make sure the driver and their passengers can stay connected at all times from the nine-inch touchscreen.


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