Customer Reviews

"A smooth experience from the beginning through delivery. Kenny Cunningham was very knowledgeable. AJ made financing simple and understandable. The S60 R Design is awesome." -- Bdershaw

"I got my XC90 here and could not be happier! The guys here a so easy to work with, no pressure, no haggling, just a fair deal!" -- Rachael Liles

"Recently ( May 8th, 2013) I was in Cincinnati visiting and my 2004 Volvo V70 AWD would not start. I called Volvo of Cincinnati on Plainville Rd. and talked with Michelle in service. She arranged for a flat bed to bring the car to the dealership. Once there she kept me updated on the diagnostic testing and eventually took me back to talk with the mechanic. Unfortunately there were two computers that had shorted out. The repair price was enough to rethink repairing the problem and I asked that I could speak with a salesman. Michelle introduced me to Doug Schoonover, general sales manager. Since I have owned Volvos for about 30 years, I looked at the new S60's. Doug gave me the keys to an S60 T5 AWD and while I was test driving the car he evaluated my car for a trade-in. When I returned we discussed the trade-in price and looked at the current inventory at the Plainville Rd. store. Then I asked him if there were any service loaners available for sale. I found a 2013 S60 T5 AWD at the West Chester store. While we were taking care of the financial details, Doug called Dave Purvis at West Chester to take a close at the car I choose for any dents or scratches. When I arrived at the West Chester store Dave Purvis had the car ready for delivery. Dave had all the paperwork ready for signatures and also reviewed items that were new to me on this model. All the staff involved at both store were courteous and extremely helpful.

The car I purchased had 4900 miles on the odometer. In the three weeks since I took delivery I have put on 2800 miles. The car gets great mileage and has the Volvo quality and safety that I have been accustomed to. I returned to Cincinnati last week and I noticed that the door sill plate on the drivers side was broken. I stopped in service at West Chester and talked with Kevin. He removed a sill plate from a new car and replaced my broken one.

Thanks again to the outstanding staff at Volvo of Cincinnati.
" -- Volvo1800S